You’re a Poet! (And You Didn’t Even Know It)

Want to try your hand at writing some poetry? Let’s start by making lists of words. First, we’re going to consider our five senses. Hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, and tasting.

Think of as many things as you can that you dearly love to hear. Your favorite sounds. These could be sounds that come from nature, humans, musical instruments, machines, or any other kind of sound that you really like. Next. make a list of the sounds you absolutely hate.

Okay, you’ve got two lists. Now let’s move on to the next of our five senses. Make a list of things you love to see. Try to be a specific as possible. Don’t just put down sunset or sunrise. Describe your ideal sunset and your idea sunrise. Think about where you would especially love seeing these. The tropics? The mountains? The East Coast? The West Coast? Your own backyard!

Next make a list of those things you hate to see. The sight of these things make you sad, angry, scared. These are things that you try to avoid but cannot always steer clear of. Write these down.

Start another list that includes those things you love to feel. Things that are soothing, energizing, comforting, reminiscent of growing up, or just pleasant. Now start another list that includes things you hate the feel of. They irritate you or conjure up bad memories.

Your next list of words includes those aromas you love. Certain foods, flowers, herbs, spices, or anything else that comes to mind. Sometimes a special type of laundry detergent can fill us with pleasant images and just a good feeling. Now make a list of those scents you don’t like. Again, be as specific as you can.

Finally, make a list of those things you love to taste as well as a list of those you hate the taste of.

Now take one word from each list and put those words in a new list. You don’t have to take these in any particular order, just pick one from each list.

As you read through this new list of words, try to come up with unusual pairings. Put two words together that you normally would not expect to see. You’ll be amazed by the surprising visuals these word combinations evoke.

As you combine more words from each of your lists, you’ll find yourself going beyond the ordinary, coloring outside the lines, and thinking outside the box. Your imagination will begin to soar, and the next thing you know, you’ll be writing poetry!

“My heart overflows with a good theme. I recite my composition concerning the King. My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.” (Psalm 45:1)

(My poem “Shoelaces” won in the Judges Choice category of the 2015 Keene Memorial Library poetry contest.)

About concerningtheking

Concerning the King is about proclaiming His truth as it applies to my life and my work. By sharing my experiences (peaks and valleys), I hope to encourage others to draw near to God. I live in Fremont, Nebraska, where I serve as facilitator for Fresh Hope, a faith-based support group for people struggling with mood disorders. Seven years after being diagnosed with the Bipolar Disorder, I realized that getting well and staying well was going to require more than just taking the right pills and seeing the right therapist. I was going to need a closer walk with Christ, which involved daily time in His word, prayer, and a willingness to trust Him no matter how challenging my circumstances. I have discovered that the more I trust Him, the more He gives me to trust Him for. As my spiritual muscles grow stronger, He adds more weight. Belonging to God and living my life for His glory has made a huge difference in my mental wellness. Serving on the board of directors for Care Corps Family Services and being part of their mental health task force has allowed me to bring to the table my experiences with homelessness as well as mental illness. My writing is heavily influenced by the work of redemption God has done in my life. I am eager to help people experience the same deliverance that has empowered me so that I could overcome my fear of failure. Now I'm an entrepreneur. Caring Touch Services of Fremont provides cleaning, pet sitting, and help with packing. With God all things are possible!
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